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The Executive Committee of the International Association for Aerobiology (IAA), in agreement with the IAA Council, strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine, which has a devastating impact on the people and infrastructure.

War and the use of violence are an attack on freedom, democracy and self-determination, on which scientific independence and scientific cooperation are based.

IAA affirms its solidarity with the people, particularly scientists, researchers, teachers and students, affected by the war in Ukraine and anywhere in the world.

IAA will continue to promote scientific activities worldwide for peaceful purposes in strong condemnation of war and violence.

World Aerobiology event 2024

We are happy to announce the next Congress will be organized in Vilnius, Lithuania, as a joint event of three international aerobiological communities: the International Association for Aerobiology, the European Aerobiology Society and the International Ragweed Society. The world-level event is called: World Aerobiology 2024: The 8th European Symposium on Aerobiology, the 12th International Congress on Aerobiology and the 5th International Ragweed Conference organized by prof. Ingrida Sauliene and the Lithuanian aerobiology team will be held from July 1st to July 5th, 2024.

The practical information on the registration procedure and deadlines will follow soon.

IAA Newsletter

The winner of the 91st Newsletter’s Aerocrossword is Tiwalade Adeniyi! Congratulations!

The IAA publishes the International Aerobiology Newsletter twice a year. The Newsletter forms a vital contact between the members of our world wide community of aerobiologists by providing an informal way to exchange news, ideas and information and gives a useful medium through which to make initial contacts.  

Each Issue comprises information on:   – The main international events of aerobiological interest – Reports on research activities from different countries – Requests for contacts and advertisements for work in aerobiology – An upcoming events section – A publications section – The activities carried out by the IAA Executive Committee, with the Minutes of the IAA General Assembly meetings.

For publications

Scientific journal Aerobiologia (IF 2.410 (2020))

Associated with the International Association for Aerobiology, Aerobiologia is an international medium for original research and review articles in the interdisciplinary fields of aerobiology and interaction of human, plant and animal systems on the biosphere. Coverage includes bioaerosols, transport mechanisms, biometeorology, climatology, air-sea interaction, land-surface/atmosphere interaction, biological pollution, biological input to global change, microbiology, aeromycology, aeropalynology, arthropod dispersal and environmental policy. Emphasis is placed on respiratory allergology, plant pathology, pest management, biological weathering and biodeterioration, indoor air quality, air-conditioning technology, industrial aerobiology and more.
Aerobiologia serves aerobiologists, and other professionals in medicine, public health, industrial and environmental hygiene, biological sciences, agriculture, atmospheric physics, botany, environmental science and cultural heritage.

Scientific journal Grana (IF = 1.11 (2019))

Grana is an international journal of palynology and aerobiology. Grana, originally published as Grana Palynologica, was founded in 1954 by Professor Gunnar Erdtman. It is published under the auspices of the Scandinavian Palynological Collegium (CPS) in affiliation with the International Association for Aerobiology (IAA).

Grana publishes original papers, mainly on ontogony (morphology, and ultrastructure of pollen grains and spores of Eucaryota and their importance for plant taxonomy, ecology, phytogeography, paleobotany, etc.) and aerobiology. Aerobiology involves studies of airborne biological particles, such as pollen, spores, etc., and their launching, dispersal and final deposition. The significance of these particles in medicine (allergology) and plant pathology is of particular interest.