IAA congress

We are happy to announce the next Congress will be organized in Vilnius, Lithuania, as a joint event of three international aerobiological communities: the International Association for Aerobiology, the European Aerobiology Society and the International Ragweed Society. The world-level event is called: World Aerobiology 2024: The 8th European Symposium on Aerobiology, the 12th International Congress on Aerobiology and the 5th International Ragweed Conference organized by prof. Ingrida Sauliene and the Lithuanian aerobiology team will held from July 1st to July 5th, 2024.

The practical information on the registration procedure and deadlines will follow soon.

International Congresses on Aerobiology  

The IAA Quadrennial Congress is of interest to aerobiologists and related scientists and professionals working in fields such as medicine, public health, biological sciences, botany, agriculture, atmospheric physics, environmental science and cultural heritage. The main aim of the Congress is to enable inter-disciplinary communication and to provide opportunities to the delegates for discussion about the different aspects of aerobiology.

 Historical Overview

1978 – Aug. 13-15, Munich, Germany1982 – Aug. 04-06, Seattle, USA
1986 – Aug. 06-09, Basel, Switzerland1990 – Aug. 27-31, Stockholm, Sweden
1994 – Aug. 10-15, Bangalore, India1998 – Aug. 31-Sept. 5, Perugia, Italy
2002 – Aug. 05-09, Montebello, Canada2006 – Aug. 21-25, Neuchatel, Switzerland
2010 – Aug. 23-27, Buenos Aires, Argentina2014 – Sept. 22-26, Sidney, Australia
2018 – Sept. 03-07, Parma, Italy2024 – Jul.1-5, Vilnius, Lithuania