IAA supports various educational forms, but the main action are the Advanced Aerobiology Courses, arranged more or less regularly, between the Basic Courses. Each of them should be focused on the specific subject, closely related to the aerobiological studies. The proposals for the next courses are welcome. To gain the basic knowledge on the aerobiological measurements and pollen types, the European Courses on Basic Aerobiology are recommended. See more on the European Aerobiology Society website.

IAA Courses

The Advanced Aerobiology courses series have been created for people having already a technical knowledge of aerobiology, i.e. of sampling and identification of airborne biological particles. This series of courses are aimed at understanding the scientific principles behind aerobiological sampling and analyses, and at giving a solid background for the interpretation of aerobiological results. The courses deal with fundamental topics such as the principles of atmospheric transport, the principles of deposition and sampling, the methods of analisys, data presentation and interpretation . This series of courses is held biennially in different bio-geographical zones, and for this latter reason they include classes and practical activities strictly linked to the chosen site.